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Lead Actress Will Not Come Back On Hit Show

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Criminal Minds mainstay Kirsten Vangsness just informed the public that she will be no longer be playing the role of Penelope Garcia in the next season of the show.  The American actress said that she will take a break from the show’s 15th installment as she has to work on a very important movie project.  CBS network fully supports Vangsness decision and told the actress that she could return anytime in season 15 if she wanted to.  According to the actress, she is very thankful to CBS Network for casting her in the show which helped her a lot in increasing her popularity.  However, she said that she needs to level up with her showbiz career and grab new opportunities as they come.

Vangsness never did imagined that she will be an actress someday.  When she was younger, she was very shy and timid especially when in front of other people.  In order to overcome her shyness, she decided to immerse herself into acting.  Vangsness got her first break in theatre and there she won several awards including the 15 Minutes of Best Actress award and Best Emerging Comic Actress from the Los Angeles Drama Critics.

After her stint in theater, Vangsness then auditioned in the movies and landed her very first movie appearance in the short comedy film Sometimes Santa’s Gotta Get Whacked.  She made her major debut in television in 2005 when she was guest starred in Criminal Minds as a hacker named Penelope Garcia.  Due to her endearing character, the management of CBS decided to cast her as a mainstay in season 2.  In Criminal minds, Penelope Garcia illegally accessed the software of FBI’s intelligence division in order to be recognized as a first-class hacker. However, her mischievous plot as the hacker named “Black Queen” was prevented by team and was then caught by agent Aaron Hotchner.  Impressed by her skill, agent Hotchner offered her a job in exchange for her jail sentence.  Penelope agreed and submitted her resume to agent Hotchner in a pink stationery.

Agent Garcia usually supports her team from her computer laboratory in Quantico but sometimes joins them in the field.  Outside her job as an IT specialist for the FBI, she is also a leader of a support group of those who have lost someone important in their lives.  Her reason for joining the group was that her parents was killed by a drunk driver in her teens when they were looking for her because she was past her curfew.  In the series, Penelope’s life hanged in the balance several times as she was shot by once in Season 3 and was also kidnapped in season 13.

The American crime investigation drama series Criminal Minds has been appearing in our TV screens for 15 seasons.  The series premiered in 2005 and entered its 15th and final season this 2019.  Criminal Minds was one of CBS’ hit TV shows as it was one of the highest raters for the network and was also one of the network’s most-watched cable show throughout its decade-long run.  As the show is about to end, Fans will truly miss Penelope’s fun but caring character.

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